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"Bringing Astronomy to the People of Hampton Roads"


"Bringing Astronomy to the People of Hampton Roads"


"Bringing Astronomy to the People of Hampton Roads"


Welcome to the BBAA website

We are a group of dedicated amateur astronomers drawn together by a common interest in astronomy. Our club was founded on December 14, 1978 by members dedicated to promoting amateur astronomy.

We invite you to come to our any of our free monthly events to take a look through our telescopes and learn more about the night sky.

The BBAA is an active member society of the Astronomical League, a part of the Night Sky Network, and a member of the Virginia Association of Astronomical Societies (VAAS). We are also active on social media. Please visit our social media pages on BBAA Yahoo Group, BBAA Facebook Group, BBAA Twitter page, BBAA Facebook page and Instagram to stay up to date with our club's latest activities.

Clear skies

Tickets are now available for the drawing benefiting the Georgie June Scholarship Fund. Please see the scholarship section on our "About" page for more details.

Jupiter Asteroid Impact Detection Project

Our club is helping assist with this project. You do NOT have to be a member of our club to participate. If you are interested in contributing please see our Jupiter Asteroid Impact Detection Project page.

The bright, two-second flareup appears near Jupiter's left (celestial west) limb in this frame from a video that Anthony Wesley was recording at 20:31:29 UT June 3, 2010.

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Anthony Wesley's Website

NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day


Click on the picture to open the APOD website for a higher resolution image with a description of the photo

What's Happening This Month

All events marked with * below are free, kid friendly, and open to the public. Events marked with a $ have a small fee required by the event organizer.

In the BBAA In the Sky
AUGUST 4: BBAA Summer Picnic/Club Meeting, Red Wing Park, Virginia Beach * AUGUST 11: New Moon
AUGUST 4: Skywatch at Northwest River Park, Chesapeake * AUGUST 12, 13: Perseids Meteor Shower
AUGUST 10 & 17: Cornwatch at Cornland Park, Chesapeake (private) AUGUST 14: Conjunction of the Moon and Venus
AUGUST 11: Nightwatch at Chippokes State Park (private) AUGUST 16, 17: Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter
AUGUST 11: Virginia Living Museum Star Party, Newport News $ AUGUST 17: Venus at Greatest Eastern Elongation
AUGUST 16: Garden Stars, Norfolk Botanical Gardens * AUGUST 20: Conjunction of the Moon and Saturn
AUGUST 18: “Sun” Day Solar Observing at Elizabeth River Park, Chesapeake * AUGUST 22, 23: Conjunction of the Moon and Mars
AUGUST 18: Movie Night at Mount Trashmore, Virginia Beach * AUGUST 26: Full Moon
AUGUST 21: Boardwalk Astronomy # 4, 2401 Atlantic Ave, Virginia Beach * AUGUST 26: Mercury at Greatest Western Elongation
AUGUST 25: Cub Scout Field Day, Deep Creek Park, Chesapeake *

If you're planning to attend an event, please see our Event Information page. There you will find useful information about BBAA events and links for directions to our observing sites. Please also take the time to read our expected event etiquette for all attendees.

To see event details on the Night Sky Network head over to our club's Calendar page and click on the event you want more details about.

For more information on what's happening in the sky this week, see Sky & Telescope's "This Week's Sky at a Glance"� page.

BBAA Spotlight Photo

BBAA Summer Picnic 2018

Observing Programs

BBAA club members dues pay for Astronomical League (AL) membership. This membership allows our club members to participate in the many Astronomical League observing programs. The AL programs are designed to provide a direction for your observations and to provide a goal. The programs have awards and pins to recognize the observers’ accomplishments and for demonstrating their observing skills with a variety of instruments and objects. The BBAA was responsible for creating the Astronomical League's Planetary Nebula Program. A detailed history of the programs inception is available on our page. For further information on observing programs, see our Observing Programs page or the Astronomical League's official page.

Planetary Nebula Program

Lapel pin awarded for completion of the Planetary Nebula Program

Current Solar System Configuration

This interactive 3D model shows the today's configuration of the major bodies of the Solar System along their orbits.

BBAA Contact Info

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BBAA, PO Box 9877, Virginia Beach, VA 23450-9877

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