“Bringing Astronomy to the People of Hampton Roads”


We are a group of dedicated amateur astronomers drawn together by a common interest in astronomy. Our club was founded on December 14, 1978 by members dedicated to promoting amateur astronomy.

We invite you to come to our free monthly Skywatch at Northwest River Park to take a look through our telescopes and learn more about the sky.


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In the Sky:
JULY 8: Virginia Living Museum Star Party, Newport News JULY 6: Conjunction of the Moon and Saturn
JULY 8: “Sun” Day Solar Observing at Elizabeth River Park, Chesapeake JULY 9: Full Moon
JULY 8: Night Sky Viewing, Eastern Shore of Virginia National Wildlife Refuge, Cape Charles JULY 10: Pluto at Opposition
JULY 10: Astronomy Day, Greenbrier Library, Chesapeake JULY 20: Conjunction of the Moon and Venus
JULY 11: Boardwalk Astronomy, 2401 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach JULY 23: New Moon
JULY 14: Central Ghent Open House, The Muse Writers Center, Norfolk JULY 28: Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter
JULY 14: Vacation Bible School, First Baptist Church, Berkley, Norfolk JULY 29, 30: Delta Aquarids Meteor Shower
JULY 15: BBAA Picnic, Redwing Park, Virginia Beach JULY 30: Mercury at Greatest Eastern Elongation
JULY 15: Skywatch at Northwest River Park, Chesapeake - CANCELLED
JULY 20: Deep Creek Academy Summer Camp, Chesapeake
JULY 21 & 28: Cornwatch at Cornland Park (BBAA members only)
JULY 22: Nightwatch at Chippokes State Park (BBAA members only)
JULY 28: Blue Moon Festival, Hunt Club Farm, Virginia Beach
JULY 29: Family Night Under the Stars, Pungo Blackwater Library, Virginia Beach

If you're planning to attend an event, please see our Events Calendar page. There you will find useful information about BBAA events and directions to our observing sites. Please also take the time to read our expected event etiquette for all attendees.

For more information on what's happening in the sky this week, see Sky & Telescope's “This Week's Sky at a Glance” page.


Observing programs:

The BBAA was responsible for creating the Planetary Nebula Program. A detailed history of the program's inception is available on our Planetary Nebula Program page. For further information on observing programs, see our Observing Programs page or the Astronomical League's official page.

Lapel pin awarded for completion of the Planetary Nebula Program

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The club webmaster is always looking for ways to improve the BBAA website. If you have a suggestion, please don't hesitate to email the webmaster.


Please welcome our latest webmaster: Curt Lambert.


The new "Events Calendar" page replaces the old "Schedule of Events" page. It is being administered through the Night Sky Network and can now be kept up to date by any of the main club officers.


The BBAA home page has a new look! In additon to visual appeal, it is designed to be more accommodating for various monitor sizes. Please feel free to leave feedback via email. This new format will be applied to other webpages in the coming days.