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for the Virginia Association of Astronomical Societies Convention

The BBAA club is selling a T-shirt to commemorate your attendance at VAAS 2017. We are counting on a minimum order of 10 shirts which will put the cost at $18.59 a shirt. If we sell more and the cost of each shirt comes down any extra money the club takes in will be added to the annual BBAA scholarship fund offered to graduating high school students who have demonstrated an avid interest in astronomy.

For more information on the scholarships offered by the BBAA please click on the link below.

BBAA Scholarship Information

VAAS 2017 T-Shirt

$18.59 Each

VAAS 2017 T-Shirt


VAAS 2017 T-shirt

Click the button below to be taken to the CustomInk website.

Once there you may reserve the order for your t-shirt(s).

Your order for t-shirts will be distributed the morning of the VAAS 2017 conference.

CustomInk Website

Thank you for registering. We're looking forward to seeing you at VAAS 2017.

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