"Bringing Astronomy to the People of Hampton Roads"


"Bringing Astronomy to the People of Hampton Roads"


"Bringing Astronomy to the People of Hampton Roads"


Welcome to the BBAA website

We are a group of dedicated amateur astronomers drawn together by a common interest in astronomy. Our club was founded on December 14, 1978 by members dedicated to promoting amateur astronomy.

We invite you to come to our any of our free monthly events to take a look through our telescopes and learn more about the night sky.

The BBAA is an active member society of the Astronomical League, a part of the Night Sky Network, and a member of the Virginia Association of Astronomical Societies (VAAS). We are also active on social media. Please visit our social media pages on BBAA Yahoo Group, BBAA Facebook Group, BBAA Twitter page, BBAA Facebook page and Instagram to stay up to date with our club's latest activities.

Clear skies

Library Telescope Program

On July 11th, 2015 at the Astronomical League Conference (ALCon) in Las Cruces, NM the Back Bay Amateur Astronomers club was chosen as one of the ten recipients of a telescope for the Astronomical Leagues contest for the Horkheimer Library Telescope Program. This event inspired our club members to follow in the footsteps of the New Hampshire Astronomical Society and their efforts to put a telescope in every public library in New Hampshire. This program will allow the BBAA to expand our outreach efforts in a unique way and live up to our club motto of "Bringing Astronomy to the People of Hampton Roads". The goal of our club is to put at least one loaner telescope in each library in Hampton Roads. If you would like to help us with that goal please consider making a tax deductible donation to our club.

The BBAA's First Library Telescope Dedication

On September 19th, 2015 the Back Bay Amateur Astronomers donated the modified Orion 4.5" telescope to the Virginia Beach Public Library Princess Anne branch. The library administration decided to move the telescope to the MEO Central Library due to space considerations. Library card holders interested in checking out the telescope can place a hold by clicking this link and following the directions on the website. If you have questions about placing a hold on the telescopes you may call the MEO Central Library using this number (757) 385-0150.

Media about the BBAA LTP

BBAA club member George Reynolds was interviewed about the club's Library Telescope Program

Interested in Participating in the Library Telescope Program?

The Library Telescope program has proven to be an highly successful program at locations where it has been implemented. If your library is interested in developing a Library Telescope Program at your location but don't know how to begin please contact our Outreach Coordinator: vp -at backbayastro -dot org or info -at backbayastro -dot org. The BBAA can either direct your organization on where to buy a fully modified telescope or we can modify the telescope your organization purchases for you. We can then provide guidance and a checklist to your staff on how to inspect the telescope for damage. Occasionally the telescopes will need to be collimated or repaired and our club members can assist your organization with the upkeep of the telescopes as well.

Click here to download a copy of the BBAA's Library Telescope Instruction Manual.